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Other Comics I Did
12 Hours | Static | My Dear Brother | Memories

Comics I Enjoy
Sorta Sci-Fi Comics
Intergalactic Truckstop (completed)
Monster Pulse
Nimona (completed)
leveL (hiatus)
Carnivore Planet
Crossed Wires
A Ghost Story (MA)
White Noise (by madsniper)
Awful Hospital

Fantasy Comics
Eth's Skin
Judecca (completed)
Sailor Twain (completed)
De Stress(hiatus) (MA)
Ant Comic (MA)(completed)
White Noise (by phooka)

Other Good Comics
Night Physics (MA)
Achewood (MA) (hiatus?)
Clementine Comix (MA)
Drop-Out (MA)

Other Neat Stuff
Rainbow Cemetery - used electronics & bits of code
Contact Caffeine - Caffeinated soap
Sabrous - fantasy MU*
Beyond - queer fantasy & scifi comic anthology

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