About Chuians

Race Name: Chuian (Chuians being the plural, Chus being the slang)
Homeworld Name: Contura
Religions: None
Main Cities: Kailum, Pama
Dominant Species: Chuians, Conturians

Biology & Diet
Chuians are mammalian aliens of small stature and light build. The fur of Chuians is thickest at the head, chest and tail tip and the tail and ears are hairless. On each cheek of the Chuian face is a tuft of thicker fur, usually a different colour from the rest of their body hair. Chuians do not shed their fur, but keep the same coat year- round. Their coloration is usually earth-toned.

Their physique is unremarkable for a mammal. They are bipeds and have large, powerful hind legs ideal for running and leaping. Their hands tridactyl and their tails whip-thin and hairless until the tip.

The most identifying thing about the large, pointed ears of the Chuians is perhaps the lower lobe, which appears to be vestigle of an even larger listening sensory array. Given that Chuians have evolved from their planet's prey species, this is not surprising.

Chuians are small-scale carnivores, eating primarily invertebrates and require a protein-heavy diet. Their jaw structure with small, sharp teeth reflect this. Chuians are equipped with grinders at the back, but become ill if they consume large quantities of plant matter.

Sexual Dimorphism & Reproduction
There are two sexes in the Chuian species, though it is difficult to tell them apart at a glance if the subjects are clothed. Typically, females have a larger quantity of chest fluff, but it is not unheard of for males to develop large amounts of chest fur.

A Chuian courtship is similar to a Human one, with one interested party seeking out the other and offering gifts or food in exchange for a chance to prove themselves. If the gift is accepted, the two may mate or continue courting. There is marriage in Chuian cultures, and usually before a couple decides to have children they marry. Reproduction is otherwise unremarkable, and typical to mammals.

The female carries her young for approximately 8 months before giving birth to two children. Infant Chuians are born with their eyes closed and hairless. The young Chuians begin to walk on their hind legs at about one year and speak at two years. Their fur begins to grow in shortly after birth and the coat is completed at about six months of age. The eyes open approximately a day after birth. A Chuian reaches maturity at 14 years and are expected to live to be about 60.

A general Chuian home is usually fairly small, housing the two parents and their offspring. Family units remain together until the offspring find their own mates or move out. Because children are born in groups of one or two, young Chuians usually share rooms at home. Elder Chuians occasionally move apart and live alone, or in communities for the elderly. Family is somewhat important to Chuians, but not nearly as important as it is in other cultures. A Chuian who ignores their family is not thought of as particularly delinquent in their society.

Language and Culture
The language of Chuians takes two forms: Casual and instructional. Casual language is, as one might expect, meant to be used in friendly conversation and is thought to have been originated when speaking to Conturians. It contains a great deal of unique defining analogies and turns of phrase, a great deal of which harken back to the inclusion of plants in their culture.

Instructional language, however, is clipped and specific. It is largely thought to have derived of times of stress or attack, where orders must be given quickly in order to preserve the survival of the group. It is now usually only used in the work place, or as coder commentary when programming.

The Chuian hand, while tridactyl, is exceptionally deft. Chuians have a natural curiosity for how machinery works and so have become galaxy known for their engineering abilities. Perhaps as a variant of this, Chuians developed exceptional interest and intelligence in relation to computers as well. Chuians make superb ship mechanics and are commonly found off-world in such employment.

In terms of cultural contributions, Conturians historically focused more on artwork and writing than their Chuian cousins. But it is foolish to believe that the Chuians were incapable of expressing themselves creatively. Indeed, Chuian fiction and artwork is well known for its bright imagery and use of colour. One field that exploded with Chuian art was that of video games and movies. Chuians are astonishing cinematographers and interactive story tellers. The Chuians themselves do not generally think of themselves as artists, however, and believe most of their creations to be only pop-art in relation to their cousins.

Chuian fashion is generally unremarkable, but usually includes plenty of room to allow free arm movement. When working, Chuians are very fonds of ample pockets to carry parts and pieces with them and so are often found in jump suits or with several Human-sized tool-belts over their shoulders like bandoleers. During summer months, most Chuians who are not working (and not in the cold of space) often wear only a pair of shorts to ward off the heat- if that.

Religion and Rulerism
Religion does not really exist for Chuians, at least not in the conventional sense.

Religion, along with most traditional artforms and philosophical thinking aspects of society are delegated to the Conturians. The Conturians spend their time worshipping and it is generally accepted that they put in a good word for their Chuian cousins. Occasionally a Chuian may join a church, but in general they believe that someone else is taking care of their spiritual needs while they take care of the tangible worldly needs.

Chuians enjoy a positive relationship with Rulerism. Rulerists are a trade partner of Contura, and so there is no danger of occupation or conversion. As far as either party is concerned, this is strictly a quite profitable business arrangement. Neither is interested in endangering that.

Technology and Alien Relations
Because of their age-old relationship to the Conturians, Chuians are openly welcoming to almost new and different races and their input. Conturians taught the Chuian race that one species can not do everything and the Chuians believe in this philosophy doggedly. They are active trade partners with many species and very frequently leave home in order to 'complete' the working mechanism of a 'perfect' unit of beings. This belief, however, is usually kept in the subconscious rather than the conscious Chuian mind. Some Chuians may outwardly be exceptionally surly, but in reality will be glad to assist an alien.

One of the greatest quirks of the Chuian species is that despite their great love of building, they feel the insatiable urge to 'sign' their work. Each Chuian has a unique way of doing this, and it can be potentially destructive to the project they were working on. For example, one Chuian may screw one bolt in entirely backwards- disastrous on ship construction. Milder quirks include painting a certain part a certain colour, or scratching their name into a beam. Chuians only sign that which they feel is an actual project of their own- not repairs or minor modifications.

Major alien allies of the Chuians include the Humans, who value their constructive ability and diplomatic nature and Nikitaks, who find Chuians excellent companions. Because of this, most alien housing on Contura is generally sized for either Humans or Nikitaks.


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