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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
09/16/2016 04:06 PM
to hell with the living
Inhuman updated!

patrons got inks, but also a bit of a life update. i'm a little worn down thinking about it so i'm not gonna repost it here... sorry :B

the weather is finally reflecting fall here, and ohhhh my god it's nice. i'm sure i'll b e singing a different tune once it's reliably cold out, but for now it's GREAT.

i had a good morning of runnin out to a fancy bakery i didnt know existed with my neighbor, then grabbin coffee, then going on kind of a poke-adventure to find a growlithe and an onyx haha. i also put another ghost pokemon in another graveyard gym... i cannot help myself.

i'm off to do patreon rewards now. see you next week!

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