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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
08/12/2016 02:32 PM
long haul
Inhuman updated!

first off, folks, lemme say: if you really like the comic *please* consider contributing to the patreon campaign! people who are giving as little as 1$ a month are still making a big difference in my quality of life. small pledges add up, even if its just to a cup of coffee or a few pokeballs for pokemon go. so please! if you enjoy what i produce, think about supporting me on patreon

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other than that... whew, not much to report other than we're still in the middle of a heat wave. i caught a red eft (salamander) and am trying to get it situated in a terrerium, but its hard to tell if a newt is happy... its got a lot of things to hide in (including moss) and a pool (necessary for efts) and im trying to feed it chopped up earthworm... but im not sure its into the worm, so im going to try wingless fruit flies next.

apart from that, i am mostly surviving the heat by alternating guzzling water and guzzling iced coffee. and putting weak pokemon in the gym on purpose and getting my butt kicked after i claim stardust for the day. its all good!!

im hoping to hit up the rock & mineral show in springfield ma this weekend, but we'll see how things go down.
see you next week, droogs

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