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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
05/05/2015 08:07 PM
everybody's doin it
Inhuman updated!
(and yeh patreon peepz get their inks)

i figured i was long overdue for some exposition about how those tanks worked and why ben couldn't open them so uh here you go.
also solla's been long overdue for a nap, but hey, that means i can erase the big 'LET HER SLEEP' memo on my drawing board! haha

spring's hit fast and furious here in mass. trees are finally opening their leaves, the onions in the veggie garden are putting up stalks and the weather is warm and glorious. perfect weather for rolling around in dirt and working on the house. which is what we've been doing! also setting up a fishtank. maybe next week it'll actually be established enough for some fish in it :>

hope y'all are having a good may. later, droogs!

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