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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
11/25/2014 11:21 PM
vacation's all i ever wanted
Inhuman updated!
(and the inks are up for patreon patrons)

heya folks. its ~*comic time*~ and next week will be cover art wooo

i got pokemon ruby on release day (just like when the gba version came out!) and beat it yesterday, and wow i love ruby. i just love gen 3. it's a nostalgic and wonderful gen for me, fuck the haters. my final team was lotad, koffing, manectric, delcatty, chimecho and whiscash. and my koffing was shiny! she spawned randomly, and it was the first time i've ever seen a real wild shiny outside of friend safari. so of course she went with the team to the e4.

in other news uhm. well, let's just say if you're feeling upset or stressed about the mike brown verdict you are completely justified. but consider donating to the ferguson library (schools are shut, but the library isn't) or the legal funds for protestors who are getting arrested by these corrupt-ass cops.

there's also several petitions to put this case back in court. here's the one i signed, and i'd appreciate it if you'd sign it too.

hopefully december will see some justice.

stay safe, folks. stay woke. parting words from malcolm x.

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