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hey all. how you been. been being good? been being responsible? wearing masks?
ill be honest. sometimes i forget mine still. it's a big adjustment to make, but it matters to try.

there is a new comic page in which kyo feels a whole lot of shakey terrible. relatable? maybe.
>> go to the comic site n see it

what really is there to report here that doesnt verge into personal worry? uhhh. well i went up on sertraline for one lmao. it seems like im far from alone in this, as i had to wait a bit for the new prescription to get filled cuz they ran out at the pharmacy. i feel so much for the ppl working pharmacies n medicine right now. stupid idiots like me who go and get cancer literally are the only ones thankful for it sometimes i feel like. please be kind to the workers you encounter okay? the min wage haggard ppl who are stuck bleaching down card readers once every half hour and then stuck dealing w non-mask-wearing customers complaining that the reader doesnt work (because the bleach is destroying it). every single one of those fuckers is braver and more stalwart and strong and doing more to protect and serve than the police.

speaking of, is it just me, or are we about to walk right into a serial killer reneissance with all these people walking the trails and all tehse creepos with nothing but free time on their hands and a ton of new ambient stress


but i caught up on a few comics recently and that felt really good. my hero academia was fun, watching my idiot unfortunate heterosexual son kaminari denki ride around in fatgum like a chick peeping out of a birdhouse or something.

also brainchild has been updating again, and if you havent read it, dear person reading this, please do. i love derek. he is just a big nerd with whiskers and he melts my heart. plus nosilla is a blast at parties. anyway please read suzanne's comic because it is very good.


other news...? i managed to score hydrogen peroxide last trip to the store. some weird brand i have never seen before, but that does mean that i can get back to cleaning animal bones as a hobby.

wow tho yall can we just agree zoom is worse than any phonecall ever could be. nothing makes a situation easy and natural like constantly having your own face shown to you throughout the interaction. yeesh. just do group calls this resolution is useless for detail anyway.

anyway supposed to be a big storm coming through tonight. i'm looking forward to that. a good spring night thunderstorm to lift the spirits is just what i could use.

stay safe. keep wearing your masks and washing your hands. survive as best you can the now, worry about thriving later.

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