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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
06/30/2015 09:42 PM
honk honk
Inhuman updated!
(and yeh, of course patrons got inks)

hey crew. last week was kinda rough...bad brain juices etc. but stuff seems to be getting on the level, so let's focus on that. or focus on solla. buff, cool solla.

i also put together a kyo-themed tea on that tea website and ordered a sample tin. it's nice tasting, but STRONG spicy smelling. i started sneezing like mad. kyo, why didn't you tell me i'd be allergic to your fur!!

that porcupine i brought home is still in the process of decay...but i learned this weekend that the car what killed her shattered her skull. i'm going to try to repair it once its cleaned, so i moved it to an anthill & covered it in hopes of speeding that up.

her quills are another story though! i harvested a bunch of those and soaked them overnight in rubbing alcohol (since peroxide, while also sterile, would bleach them and make them brittle) and then sat out on the porch the next day wiping them clean one by one. they look great though! i dunno what to do with them all. maybe give them away?

also my glasses broke. but just the little nose holdy thingie. so now my glasses are just perpetually sliding down my nose and crooked. oh wells.

later taters. see you in july~

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