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hey all. so things got weird in the world between Then and Now, between last update and this. i hope you're all okay. if you're not... i hope it's not the virus. in any case... i hope we all recover soon. i know my depression and anxiety flared up bigtime. i'm sure many people are experiencing that honestly.

but there is a new page
>> here

please remember to behave -as if- you have the virus, since 75% of the carriers are asymptomatic. if you pick something up at the store buy it, don't put it back down. cover your mouth when you go out with a bandana or facemask if you have/can make one. wash. your. hands. i cannot repeat that enough.

my surgery was quite obviously cancelled, because why would you want to put someone at greater risk like that. which im okay with but also bummed. also the government confiscated my passport because i am trans, which i kind of expected, and so jumped thru the hoops (so far) to get it back, but it's not in my hands again yet so. once more. bummed out over that. the convention i was really really looking forward to cosplaying at was (sensibly) called off for the year but that was also sad. got bad tax news (short story: dont get cancer if youre a sole worker in a small biz) and... yeah. just kind of bummed out recently.

but spring is coming. i can go outside again. i do. i'm planning what to grow and where to grow it. i'm picking up trash around the neighborhood. these are things i couldn't do this time last year. it's still hard but... at least dirt cannot hurt me anymore.

i'm finally to shadowbringers in ffxiv, and wow, loving the new enemy designs. absolutely not loving the pixies tho, wow, i needed to take a break from That. 'teehee i thought itd be funny if you died as a joke' I KNOW YOU DID YOU HORRIBLE FAE, I KNOW YOU DID.

also a really really wonderful friend who i dont want to shout out by name bc i dont know how they feel about that got me animal crossing new horizons. i just started yesterday!

ah... right... also i updated the inhuman storeenvy shop to contain the stuff usually sold at cons. check it out if you've a mind to.
>> con merch overflow shop

right. enough chatter. i remind you again: please wash your hands. here's some great people who make soap in their kitchens you could support to make that happen.

spacecat studios soap
mapledrake studios soap (also sells organic simple hand cream)
contact caffeine

yes i've already been accused of being in the pocket of "big soap" by people decrying the severity of a global pandemic and honestly it was kind of amazing to read that but yeah. soap. hands. wash. let's meet again in a few weeks. so much can happen in that time, as you now know...

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