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Hello friends, its the first post of 2020. I for one am really glad to have 2019 behind me, tho i had a kind of hectic new years and i kinda am guessing 2020 will be the year of travel for me. Where will i go. Who will i meet. Perhaps germany. Perhaps disneyworld.

Most certainly Anthro New England tho.

Thats happening next month. Yayyyy boston furry crew! I'm helping set up and tear down some of the more physical aspects of the con this time around, but also still selling art in the dealer's den and dressing up in my suit. i'm also really proud of the con for moving away from the police charities (ACAB...) into service dog charities. helping people who actually need help THATS MY JAM

Im pretty excited that im actually selling like. A simple b&w comic zine. I know ive been drawing comics for like 30 years at this point (jk, more like, 15 or 20) but i never really did a true b&w style zine thing.

Its gonna be ffvii themed, because uhm. I am still very hype for the remake. Its been delayed but im like: please work hard on the game to make it good thank you. I have faith in you squenix. Ffxiv is very fun.

Btw i did do a >>>> comic update <<<< w this entry ha

Hhhmm right now im getting stared at lovingly by luna and listening to the wind howl outside. I had an entry i wrote before this? But it was kinda like. Depressing. I mean, i have depression. And being depressed is an extremely normal thing to be. But im really glad to be off chemo and back to drawing comics and so i dont want like, the act of updating to be accompanied by something that Feels Sad, know what i mean? It felt good to write it out tho, like, theres def something freeing in writing lengthy things in the ooool blog format.

Speaking of writing lengthy things ive been writing. Alien dex entries? And updating old ones again. Rn i got thru...
Flits <-- this one is 100% new!!!
And morbacks

I was writing the flits one on the train and it felt GREAT. Haha just tapping away and staring into the ceiling when i had to pause and think of something. I dunno. Its a human experience thats not been with our species very long, writing on a keyboard on a train... but its a highly satisfying one.

So part of the reason i think its the year of travel is because the first 48 hours of the new year were legitimately spent in great majority attempting to get from washington dc back to my home in rural massachusetts primarily by train. This did not go entirely as planned, but i had suspected this might be the case (its a LOT of travel!) and so i'd packed an extra day's worth of clothing & meds. And they told me i wasnt allowed to be a boyscout when i was a kid... your loss scouts lmao

Circling back to meds - lemme address the elephant in the room. i completed all my hardcore major cancer treatment in 2019. As far as we know, i dont need to do any more of that major stuff like chemotherapy or radiation. But doctors still want to follow my case closely and make sure i don't have any major lasting effects or a recurance. So i still have to see medical professionals a lot. But im hoping now itll be like... once a month. Instead of several times a week. Lol.

The bummer here tho is there clearly already are lingering effects that werent there while i was actively in treatment. Nothing major i dont think? But like. My knuckles seem to get injured easier, or like, actually become painful/stiff from injuries easier i guess? And my chest/shoulder seem to have lost a bit of motion range. I'm hopeful these are all temporary things. I'm hopeful these are the only lasting things. Tho today i did watch kep go thru an early-ish ffxiv plot dungeon (cutter's cry) and though i know i MUST have completed this dungeon... i have NO memory of it. At all. It was like seeing things for the first time, except for a brief moment when there was like a sandpit aoe... fuckin wild. Almost like i was getting dosed with massive amounts of poison and was seriously sick for a while there

NO MORE!!!!!

Alph (my spouse) has been mad overworked at the mail. Please everyone stop ordering from amazon so he can have 2 days off a week thank you. No seriously. Stop ordering from amazon.


in my hours and hours on trains in 2020 so far, i found a new podcast i really like. Its called The Pasithea Powder. And, much like the blu mage of xiv, im very grateful that people seem to be making things that appeal very specifically to Me, personally. Its got really nice production values, a minimalist (but really talented main duette) cast and a fucking spectacular premesis for the story. Its scifi conspiracy theories related to medicine, propaganda and humans doing what humans do best... trying to fix our mistakes. Its so good, i am so into it, and really Please yall listen to it.

Magnus archives got HUGE and i was there at the start going 'this podcast rules' so thank u believe me and also listen to The Pasithea Powder.

Oh shoot i totally forgot i was making myself a cup of tea (thank you straviios!!) and that seems like as good a place to end this entry as any. Later! Hope im writing & posting a comic page again soon soon soon in this dystopian futuristic year we are all about to try to survive: 2020

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